Don’t Be Fooled by These Attacks

Email Attacks

Fraudsters can send emails to you, pretending to be your bank, asking you to verify your account and other personal information. This is called a phishing attack. If you click on their links and provide them with your user ID and password then they get access to your account.

Example Email Attacks

In general, any email that might seem strange, out of the ordinary or “too good to be true” can be a scam or attack. We need to practice the utmost caution when reading our emails – make sure that you verify the sender of any email that seems out of the ordinary.

You might receive an email from a fraudster, pretending to be your banker, saying your ATM card has been disabled, and ask your ATM card or Aadhar card number to enable it back.

Emails can come from organizations that you trust or do business with containing links or attachments to pages asking you to fill out forms.

There are emails being sent currently that are offering special covid-19 insurance. These are written by fraudsters who are interested in your money.


Watch out for any messages that sound too good to be true. Anything like this is simply not true.

Nope! Not true, you did not win anything special. This is a SCAM.

Social media

On social media, you have to watch out for the same kinds of things as everywhere else. Beware any offers that sound too good to be true. Make sure that you are aware of who you are speaking with.

It’s all fun until it’s not fun anymore.

Smart Phone Apps

Not all apps are safe, some contain viruses that seek to steal information from your phone. A cybercriminal can use malicious apps to steal your username and passwords. They can steal your information and invade your privacy.

While accessing an app, it may ask your permission to use other apps installed on your phone.  Eg, when you access notes, it will ask you permission to use your microphone. Use your discrimination while giving access. Do you really need to use the microphone to take notes for you? Don’t give permissions unless you really think the app needs that. Do your research into the details of the app and its ratings on google play store and apple store.